Help us protect a fragment of early South Florida.

The Friends of Cape Florida State Park, Inc. is a 501c3 corporation and was established in 2000 to provide support to the Park and to help conserve and enhance the wildlife and other resources of the Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park.

The Friends of Cape Florida, Inc. have become a repository for contributions from individuals, organizations, and businesses. All funds contributed to the Friends of Cape Florida Inc, .by membership or donation, remain at the Park and are expended under the authority of the Board of Directors. The Board consists of local citizens who love the Park.

Donations to the Friends of Cape Florida State will be used to directly support the Park in its mission to provide quality resource-based recreation through visitor services, interpretive programs, and Lighthouse exhibits. These generous donations, have benefited the Park, its visitors and our community in allowing us to help fund turtle nesting monitoring program, bird banding station, Interpretive Walks, Beach cleanup programs, Community Outreach programs, Lighthouse Interpretative exhibits, Children’s programs in the Park and much more. Please consider supporting this important organization through donating or purchasing a membership in the Friends of Cape Florida, Inc.

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